Inventive. Intuitive. Timeless.

Who We Are || What We Do

Charged Voids is a Chandigarh-based architectural firm that explores the possibilities of a transcendent and spiritual character in architecture. Our work is underpinned by a purposeful dialogue between Western modernism and elements of Indian architecture.

We create spaces that best contribute to the human experience. Our inquiry-based design approach is original, challenging and reimagining established benchmarks for how we live, work, play, and perceive space.

Context and climate-responsive design serve as a cornerstone for the practice, combining simplicity with functional efficiency. We make economical use of resources, employing a thoughtful material palette that bolsters building performance and leaves minimal environmental footprints, as well as a timeless, enduring imprint on the people it serves. Our buildings are built on the foundation of safety and structural integrity and require minimal upkeep.

Constants // Variables

We believe that all of architecture is driven by two sets of elemental considerations: the Constants and the Variables. They are responsible for stitching together the past that we study and the future that we design for.

What were circumstantial in the past—function, context, climate, culture, material and finance—have become the variables that today’s design technology utilises to optimise building designs. These determinants are the focus of our education system and the industry at large.

The constants, however, transcend the tangible. Factoring in these universals, namely gravity, light, elements of nature, and human perception, is what technology is still trying to accomplish—and that we aspire to do justice to.

Our work is designed to celebrate the constants while responding to the variables.